A Safer Future

Torch.AI’s work around the world includes customers with interesting and sometimes sensitive information.

We aim to develop and maintain autonomous systems that set a new standard for safety, trust, and responsibility. Every day, we strive to be a leader in AI and work to understand and mitigate potential human and societal impacts.

Our Safe AI Initiatives
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Better Data, Less Bias

Protecting against bias is essential to ensure fairness, equity, non-discrimination, trust, and optimal performance. It allows us to leverage the power of machine learning in a responsible and ethical manner.

Bias in machine learning models can lead to discriminatory outcomes, perpetuating existing inequalities, and systemic biases present in the data. This can affect decisions in various domains, such as lending, hiring, criminal justice, and healthcare. Protecting against bias helps ensure fairness and equity by preventing unjust treatment and promoting equal opportunities for all individuals.

No single technique can completely eliminate bias in AI systems. Protecting against bias requires a combination of approaches and ongoing efforts to ensure fairness and equity. Additionally, transparency and explainability in AI systems can help in understanding how decisions are made and in detecting and rectifying biases.

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Improved AI Models from Greater Embedding Dimensionality

Machine learning embeddings are representations of objects in a low dimensional space. Embeddings aim to capture meaningful relationships and similarities between objects in a way that is useful for machine learning algorithms by reducing the computational complexity of all subsequent machine learning models.

Embeddings can also capture meaningful and semantically rich representations of objects, enabling machine learning models to leverage the learned features for better performance.

As pioneers of in-memory artificial intelligence, Torch.AI software uniquely provides extraordinary machine learning model dimensionality because our software frees systems from traditional analog training paradigms and autonomously enables billions of parameters in a given ecosystem to inform models and model development. This means better model performance and accuracy, ensuring improved safety and security for autonomous systems.

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Customers Who Adhere to the Highest Regulatory & Ethical Standards

Torch.AI software and solutions have been forged in an environment where products undergo rigorous scrutiny and are subject to stringent quality assurance processes. As a result, the end products are more reliable, safer, and meet the expectations of customers and regulatory bodies.

Regulatory frameworks and high standards often include risk management protocols and guidelines. By adhering to these standards, organizations mitigate potential risks associated with their products, services, or operations. Compliance with regulations helps prevent legal and financial consequences, reputational damage, and potential harm to customers.

Because we built our systems to meet and exceed these standards from the outset, Torch.AI is able to advance the entire industry’s expectations of enhanced quality and safety to competitive advantage and professional growth.

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Open & Transparent AI

Transparent AI helps foster responsible and trustworthy deployment of the technology, promoting its benefits while mitigating potential risks. Accountability, trust, fairness, bias mitigation, explainability, ethical considerations, collaborative development, and regulatory compliance are crucial for safe and responsible AI.

Transparency in AI systems allows for accountability. When AI algorithms make decisions that impact individuals or society, it's crucial to understand how those decisions are made and what factors influence them. Openness and transparency enable stakeholders to assess the fairness, bias, and ethical implications of AI systems, holding developers and organizations accountable for the consequences of their technology.

Unlike other AI providers, Torch.AI’s data and models are fully open and transparent. Not just a minimum regulatory requirement in many of our customer environments, we go beyond the standard to ensure decisions are trusted to the highest degree possible.

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