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The world’s most trusted and sophisticated platform for massively scaled, ultra-high performance data processing.

The World’s Most Trusted AI Platform

AI that Instantly
Understands Any Data.
A Synaptic Mesh
to Unify Your World.

Data, rapidly growing in volume and complexity, creates significant impediments to a better future. Business processes are now entirely digital. Information has been called the "beating heart of the enterprise". But current technology contributes to an ever expanding chaos. Problems are becoming harder and harder to solve.

We're pioneering a better way.

We built an AI that instantly understands the very nature of your data, improving everything that follows. Our Unifying Synaptic Mesh™ intelligently connects all your applications and business systems enabling massively scaled, ultra high-performance data processing.

Torch.AI is changing how data is put to use in the enterprise by increasing the availability of data, improving its quality, speeding the delivery, and providing a better audit trail. It's an enlightened approach.

Why Torch.AI enabled teams go farther and faster.


Commercial grade integration functionality which fully implements enterprise integration patterns and packages hundreds of Out of the Box (OOTB) connectors to the most popular systems, cloud services, and databases.


Automated data engineering functionality for contextually understanding and validating every facet of a data ecosystem so that data can be made actionable, even if incomplete, flawed, unstructured.


Advanced and embedded ML technology that solves notoriously difficult data management issues plaguing enterprise ecosystems.


Torch.AI software is packaged with domain-specific pre-trained models that quickly and cheaply enrich existing data. Furthermore, our platform enables feature rich “bring your own model” solutions to register and deploy your team’s own trained models, in virtually any modern ML Framework.


Torch.AI provides a suite of functionality for maintaining a hardened cyber security posture and tools that make the implementation of common and esoteric compliance regulations and policies straightforward and hassle free.


Torch.AI is dedicated to ensuring that your implementation is scalable, dependable, and meets your individual infrastructure needs. Whether on-premise or in the cloud, our internal DevOps practice guarantees a highly optimized Mesh deployment.


Let's Be Friends.

The future has always been created by those that choose to consider new paths.  If you’ve been struggling to achieve outcomes in a critical, high risk environment or are a curious pioneer that wants to change the world, we’d love to connect.

Customers should contact Torch.AI’s Mission Support teams through the Torch.AI Mission Administration portal.

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Made Possible by Torch.AI.

Leaders across industry and government are unlocking the potential of data in extraordinary ways.

“Once you get a system put in like this, end to end, you can see things you couldn't see before.”
Program Executive
United States Department of Defense
"Torch.AI demonstrated a solution in 2 weeks for a mission critical problem we’d been working on, without success, for more than 6 years."
SETA Contractor
"Today, we lead the market in fraud prevention, detection and customer experience. Without Torch we wouldn’t have been able to fix some real challenges with our approach."
Director, Fortune 500 Financial Services Company
"I see Torch.AI as a kind of trend-setter in this space. They’re looking at entity trust very differently, and they are beginning to disrupt – in a positive way."
Executive, Big Four Accounting and Professional Services Firm
“In our first meeting with Torch.AI, they didn’t bring slideware briefings. They sat down and asked, ‘what would you like to know more of?' Then they showed us our world. It was compelling because we saw, in real time, how it works.”
Mission Executive, U.S. Department of Defense
"The results were extraordinary. Lead identification and qualification were up 300% in the first week alone."
General Manager, Microsoft
"In less than 72 hours, our solution identified and supported remediation of a supplier threat for a critical weapon system."
Partner, Deloitte Consulting

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