Torch.AI deploys software platforms that serve as the central data fabric for our customers. Unlike traditional defense contractors, Torch.AI's software platforms are off-the-shelf ready and serve as the core of advanced solutions helping transform US military capabilities.


The highest performance data processing platform ever built.

Securely connect data sources and mission systems without overhauling IT infrastructure or replicating information. Nexus software's ground-breaking compute performance, up to 10.7x faster than the leading data lake software, enables your organization to interact directly with the entirety of your authoritative data, in every modality without moving a thing.


Make your data totally available, usable, and valuable.

Prism solves the biggest impediment to intelligent operations: too much messy data. Automated data extraction and normalization leads to more performant machine learning models, faster deployments, and higher ROI. Prism supports more extraction and machine task types than any other data management platform.


Groundbreaking, true real-time intelligence graphing.

Halo enables autonomous all-source data fusion to bring intelligence to the tactical edge at the speed of information. In-memory machine learning compute with flexible data models and ontologies is game-changing when time matters most and the stakes are high.

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Better Data.
Better Mission Outcomes.