The War Room: All-Source Fusion Laboratory

Torch.AI's all new All-Source Fusion Laboratory, a center for data & AI innovation and research, brings together Torch.AI practitioners, customers, and partners to apply solutions to real-world challenges around intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), fraud, and business intelligence.

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The All-Source Fusion Lab, located at Torch.AI's Kansas City headquarters, is expected to become a catalyst for AI innovation and research in the region. The lab is a facility designed for data engineers, data scientists, software developers and intelligence and operations analysts to research, test, design, and develop prototypes that apply machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies making machines and humans more productive by transforming complex data into actionable, real-time information.

The lab will support the development, demonstration, and advancement of capabilities that can rapidly analyze data across a wide variety of data sources, as well as information mined from publicly available information (PAI). Torch.AI practitioners have already used the lab to develop new patents and technologies, such as Torch.AI's Generative Graph Auto-Oriented Transformer (GOATTM), in-flight AI-based data processing, graph-based network detection, entity resolution and tracking, all-source data fusion, and data quality analysis.

Torch.AI has plans to incorporate additional solutions for Personnel and Industrial Security, Underwriting, Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know-Your-Customer (KYC), Fraud, and several other mission-critical use cases. Clients, partners, and other industry affiliations and institutions will have the opportunity to collaborate with Torch.AI on the development and application of new solutions.

The space consists of two primary rooms for meetings, demonstrations, all-source data fusion and quality development activities, and software system prototyping at unclassified levels. The lab will eventually include secure areas in which employees and visitors can work within classified environments.

Torch All-Source Data Fusion Lab

Torch.AI's All-Source Fusion Lab includes: (1) dual-purpose conference room, demonstration lab, and prototyping center, equipped with state-of-the-art video-teleconferencing (VTC); (2) all-source data fusion & data quality research center.

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