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Torch.AI Launches Enhanced Tools for Data Scientists, Adds “Bring Your Own” Models to Accelerate Enterprise Deployments

January 16, 2021

Unifying service mesh provides customers roadmap to quickly deploy machine learning models to production environments

Leawood, Kansas – January 17, 2021 – Torch.AI, the leader in AI/ML-powered data orchestration systems, announced the release of a new feature that delivers customer-created machine learning to production environments that are scalable in a SaaS multi-tenant architecture. Torch’s Nexus™ Unifying Synaptic Mesh (USM) platform natively supports over 40 natural language processing (NLP) models to enrich contextual data, and with today’s announcement, that capability is extended to provide model registration for ML developed externally in any framework.

Bring Your Own Models (BYOM) is a new approach that allows Torch customers to develop ML models in their own research labs with their own data scientists in frameworks and languages of choice. When ready to deploy at production scale, Torch provides seamless model registration in Nexus™. With this new ML deployment workflow, virtually any model library or framework can be used—Python, TensorFlow, Keras, Java—and parameters, code, and data deployed is tracked so that results are auditable and reproducible. Torch customers bring their own invaluable subject matter expertise to the solution space without any additional investment in training or infrastructure.

About Torch.AI
Torch.AI’s Nexus platform changes the paradigm of data and digital workflows, forever solving core impediments caused by the ever increasing volume and complexity of information. Customers enjoy a single integrated solution which begins by instantly deconstructing and identifying any data, in real-time, at the earliest possible moment. Purpose built for massively scaled, ultra high-speed data processing, the platform comes equipped with security features, flexible data workloads, compliance capabilities, and drag and drop functionality that is unrivaled in today’s technology landscape. It’s an enlightened approach.
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