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Torch.AI Awarded New Patent for Real-Time AI

May 1, 2023

May 1, 2022 – Leawood, KS.Torch.AI, Pioneers of Data Infrastructure AI™, announced today the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has formally approved and issued Torch.AI a new patent, No. 11556695, for ‘Combinatorial Inflight Analysis of Multipart Data’ using pretrained machine learning models, a method of processing and analyzing any data instantly, giving new recognition to the remarkable innovations developed by the Kansas City-based artificial intelligence company.

“This patent has been a long-time in the making and a huge effort from our engineering team over the last several years,” said Jon Kramer, Torch.AI’s Chief Technology Officer. “Every so often, there is a seismic shift in technological advancements that fundamentally changes how things are done. We believe this approach is doing just that.”

Nearly four years in the making, the patent award further strengthens the case that Torch.AI has developed a wholly new way of building data infrastructure for high risk, high speed, and large-scale decisioning systems.  Government and enterprise leaders struggle as they consider long-term implications for how data is used to drive value for their organizations and improve productivity for their teams, who commonly spend up to 75% of their day manually processing information. The revolutionary approach from Torch.AI allows these organizations to seamlessly unlock value trapped in messy, siloed datasets, such as forms, video, images, sensors, files, documents, emails, and notes; data objects which typically comprise nearly 90% of an organization’s total data volumes.

"Data warehouses and data lakes are decades old approaches that can't keep up with the explosion of data and sensors," said Brian Weaver, Torch.AI's Chief Executive Officer." By processing data in-flight, Torch.AI’s platforms remove the impediments to decision advantage, lower costs, and deliver data seemlessly to the end-user for simplified, real-time consumption, analysis, and understanding."

Torch.AI’s AI platforms are currently active within a variety of Department of Defense and national security focused agencies, as well as leading commercial enterprises. The platforms’ hardened capabilities require minimal configuration for data integration and model creation which allows for rapid development, deployment, and production use in any client environment without disruption to existing operations.

About Torch.AI
Torch.AI, the Data Infrastructure AI Pioneers™, are headquartered in Kansas City with offices in Washington, DC. The company builds AI that makes data easier to use by processing data in-flight and radically evolving analytic and operational capabilities in any IT environment. The Torch Platform instantly unlocks value from data and provides information needed for humans and machines to be more productive. Partnering with U.S. military forces, the company's solutions and people support a growing array of national defense capabilities with advanced technology.
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