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James "Hondo" Geurts, Former Assistant Secretary of the Navy Joins Torch.AI Board

January 18, 2022

Torch.AI, the leader in artificial intelligence (AI) powered ultra-high speed data processing, announced today that distinguished former Assistant Secretary of the Navy, James “Hondo” Geurts, has joined the Torch.AI Board of Advisors.

January 18, 2022 – Leawood, Kan. – Torch.AI, the leader in artificial intelligence (AI) powered ultra-high speed data processing—making data easier to use for humans and machines, announced today that distinguished former Assistant Secretary of the Navy, James “Hondo” Geurts, has joined the Torch.AI Board of Advisors.

“Innovation and technology evolution come through working together with a collective purpose as the driving force,” said Mr. Geurts. “I’m proud to join the Torch.AI Board of Advisors. Torch.AI is a highly differentiated, mission focused technology company, filled with former warfighters who remain dedicated to enabling operational outcomes, while serving the taxpayer. I’m eager to work with Torch.AI to support company objectives.”

With 34 years of experience within the United States Navy, United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) and as a commissioned officer in the United States Air Force, Mr. Geurts brings unparalleled perspectives and knowledge in acquisition, research, and sustainment, enabling operational forces.  Preceding his retirement in August 2021, Mr. Geurts performed the duties of the Under Secretary of the Navy, serving as the Department of the Navy’s Chief Operating Officer and Chief Management Officer.  Prior to that appointment, Mr. Geurts served as the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development and Acquisition from 2017-2021. In this role, he oversaw an annual budget of $148 billion, covering all research, development, acquisition, production, contracting, and sustainment for the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marines Corps, and Allies and Partners. In this role he became widely known for his leadership in driving innovations in acquisition to enable operational outcomes.  In addition to his Senior Executive Service, Mr. Geurts has decades of leadership and acquisition experience spanning various roles, including a position as the Acquisition Executive for USSOCOM, where he was responsible for acquisition, science and technology, and logistic support for all Special Operations Forces.

Mr. Geurts’ accomplishments have earned him notable recognition from private and public institutions alike, including the Navy Distinguished Public Service Medal, the Presidential Rank Award, the USSOCOM Medal, the William Perry Award, and the Federal Times Vanguard Award for Executive of the Year.

“Hondo is well known within Defense circles as a thoughtful, innovative leader who gets the end user perspective.” said David Kervin, Chief Executive of Torch.AI Federal. “He’s laser focused on the end user and how you innovate at the department level to enable the system to deliver to the warfighter. I’m incredibly excited to work with Hondo to accelerate and operationalize data utilizing AI for the Department of Defense.”

Torch.AI's flagship product, Nexus, leverages patented AI technology to automatically process data and instantly translate data objects into machine readable output in real-time.  This innovative approach to data processing significantly improves the efficiency, efficacy, and security of large-scale data projects.

Torch.AI continues its impressive growth trajectory with Geurts' appointment coming on the heels of Torch.AI's recent acquisition of Datatech, a data analysis company supporting the Department of Defense.  

“It’s a privilege to welcome an immensely experienced leader like Hondo to our Board of Advisors,” says Brian Weaver, Chairman and CEO of Torch.AI. “Like our other board members, Hondo holds the belief that thoughtful innovation leads to positive change in the world. His decades of expertise and leadership in technology acquisitions and defense intelligence bring a new and essential point-of-view to our diverse board. I look forward for Hondo to improve outcomes for our national security partners.”

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