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AFCEA KC Announces the Appointment of Brian Weaver as President, Chairman

Originally published on LinkedIn by AFCEA Kansas City on April 17, 2024.


Washington, D.C. — April 17, 2024 — AFCEA International is proud to announce the appointment of Brian Weaver as its AFCEA Greater Kansas City (AFCEA KC) president and chairman. With a career dedicated to advancing technology solutions in the realm of national security, Weaver brings a wealth of experience and expertise to lead the chapter.

Established in 1946, AFCEA (Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association) has been a steadfast pillar in fostering innovation and collaboration within the defense, security, and intelligence communities. Via its myriad of initiatives, events, and publications, AFCEA has facilitated the exchange of ideas, promoted networking opportunities, and supported the development of cutting-edge technologies critical to safeguarding our nation.

Throughout its storied history, AFCEA has played an integral role in advancing the US national security mission. As threats to our security landscape evolve, so too does AFCEA’s commitment to supporting the men and women who serve our nation. By bridging the gap between government, industry, and academia, AFCEA has been instrumental in accelerating the adoption of emerging technologies, enhancing interoperability, and strengthening our country’s defenses.

Brian Weaver’s appointment as president heralds a new era of leadership in one of the most dynamic and fastest growing cities in the U.S.

With a proven track record of leadership and innovation, Weaver is poised to steer AFCEA KC towards greater heights of excellence. His deep understanding of the complexities of national security challenges, vision and relationships across the region make him exceptionally qualified to guide AFCEA in fulfilling its mission of promoting innovation and collaboration across the defense and security sectors.

Son of a US Army aviator and intelligence officer, grandson of a US Navy surveillance blimp pilot, Weaver was born in Germany and grew up around military bases across the US. He is founder, CEO, and Chairman of Torch.AI, a Kansas City based artificial intelligence (AI) research and development organization which began in 2015, pioneering the development of AI systems that could understand relationships and meaning of data in large scale systems. In 2018, the firm was awarded a contract to help overhaul the US security clearance system.

Commenting on his appointment, Weaver stated, “I am honored to assume the role of President of AFCEA KC. Our region has a unique diversity of domain expertise and skills that align to the national security mission, a rapidly evolving geopolitical landscape, and this decisive decade in our history. I look forward to working closely with AFCEA’s membership and partners to drive innovation, foster collaboration, and advance our collective mission of safeguarding our nation.”

AFCEA International extends its warmest congratulations to Brian Weaver on his appointment as President, AFCEA KC and looks forward to the continued success and growth under his leadership.

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AFCEA International, established in 1946, is a non-profit professional membership association serving the military, government, industry, and academia. AFCEA is dedicated to promoting innovation, collaboration, and information sharing to address the challenges facing the defense, security, and intelligence communities. Through its events, publications, and initiatives, AFCEA facilitates dialogue and fosters partnerships to advance national security objectives.

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At Torch.AI, we’re on a journey to improve decision-making and enterprise efficiency at scale with a new form of in-memory AI for the world’s most important mission-driven organizations. Today, we help improve national security, protect U.S. interests, eliminate fraud, reduce risk, and enable better customer experiences. Our team is highly mission-focused and cares deeply about their work as a leading force in the data and AI field and a key partner supporting U.S. strategic, operational, and tactical military forces, warfighters, and national defense capabilities. We're passionate about solving complex problems through relentless dedication and innovation, resulting in amazing outcomes. Join us in the mission to help organizations unlock human potential. 

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