Human Potential
We build AI that makes data easier to use.

Torch.AI's software instantly unlocks value from data and provides information needed for humans and machines to be more productive.

Safety. Trust. Responsibility.

Torch.AI’s work to create safe and helpful AI necessitates a deep understanding of the risks of autonomous systems, intelligent automation, and data processing. Learn more about what we are doing to build safe and responsible AI.

Our Customers

Partnering with US Military Forces

Torch.AI is a defense focused AI-software company. Unlike traditional government contractors, our team of experts takes calculated risks to self-fund R&D behind the scenes and then sells complete products "off-the-shelf" to mission owners. We conduct deep research into understanding how AI and new data infrastructures can improve a growing array of national defense needs. This allows us to go from ideation to full capability deployment in weeks and months, instead of years.



Connect and manage all of your enterprise data.

The highest performance data processing platform ever built.

Nexus Product Component


Quickly get the information you need.

Automated data extraction for critical mission intelligence.

Prism Product Component


True real-time all source data fusion.

Next generation knowledge graph moving intelligence to the tactical edge.

Halo Product Component
Our software instantly makes your data totally available, usable, and valuable
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Change the Game
At Torch.AI, we're passionate about building software that solves some of the world's most challenging problems. On the leading edge of AI for defense and national security, we partner with some of the most influential organizations to enhance mission outcomes using data and technology.