the Nexus™ EDO platform

Our AI instantly understands your data.

Change your future with ultra-high performance, massively scaled data processing. Torch.AI’s Nexus™ software instantaneously decomposes data of any type into its normalized atomic constituents, laying the foundation for future cognitive analysis. All while in flight.

Solve the Fundamental Challenges with Large Scale Data.

You solve tough problems. The data deluge exacerbates them.

Daily priorities shift. Your CIO’s goal of an evolved intelligent operation and improved critical decision making means you need to change the way you put data to use. Structured data like documents, log files, names, addresses, credit card numbers, and geo location. Unstructured data like media, surveillance data, emails, IoT sensor data, medical records, social, and live chats.

Your organization stores this information in disparate systems across a highly complex IT landscape.  There it is changed and gains context.  The volume and variety of information grows exponentially.

Your users are focused on the mission.  You need to support their needs today, while keeping an eye on critical requirements enabling a brighter future.

That’s why we created Nexus™.

Unify your data ecosystem for an Enlightened Enterprise.

Today’s technology marketplace conspires against you.  The proliferation of apps, cloud services, and middleware, all seek to trap you in inflexible, overly complex, and unsecure systems.

Let Torch.AI show you how a modern AI-driven Synaptic Mesh™ can provide a transparent, independent way to improve and manage the connections between data and your growing catalog of apps and business systems. Automate critical data engineering functions and deploy sophisticated ML to improve your user experience, all in real time, at massive scale.

Real Machine Learning, Deployed with Integrity.

Torch.AI’s Nexus™ suite is the only software that allows your organization to make use of Torch.AI’s domain specific pre-trained models while also enabling your data science teams to register and deploy their own models, from virtually any modern ML framework. Put an end to dead end silos of rich data and context by creating a virtuous cycle that helps your teams realize new levels of productivity and success.

You and your CIO gain confidence and assurance that policies are applied and enforced.  Downstream applications and ML models can be optimized by throttling or toggling source data with complete visibility and transparency into data lineage and source integrity, all unified with a common metadata and security foundation. As downstream systems are engaged, Nexus™ can reintegrate data improving your organizations entire data management paradigm.

Solve the Fundamental Problem with Human-Driven Analysis.

Goodness in.  Goodness out. Put simply, if your analytics aren’t built upon a system meant to manage an end-to-end lifecycle of the atomic constituents of every data object, at scale and speed, the analytics will either be wrong or too slow to deliver meaningful value. We guarantee it.

Our AI will help your organization understand the nature of data, at the moment of ingest and throughout its lifecycle, radically improving the potential of every downstream system and consumer. You can achieve this today without an IT overhaul or change to user workflows. Now that’s enlightened.

Five Conditions Impacting Mission Success.

Your daily life is becoming increasingly digital. Data is at the core of everything we do. But information is growing exponentially in volume and complexity. Current technology adds to the chaos, failing to address fundamental issues with the way data is put to use. Each day, making critical decisions or developing operational capabilities gets harder and harder.

Your challenge, the reason you are here with us today, is being impacted by five key conditions that must be addressed to solve your task and create a better future.

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A user's unique environment, including their IT capabilities, regulations and compliance considerations, and specific mission impact is a significant compounding condition.


The scale of data is overwhelming. More than 2.3 trillion gigabytes of data are created each day. The average U.S. company has more than 100 terabytes of stored data.


The sheer velocity of data is staggering. There are currently an average of 2.5 network connections to every person on earth.


Data is inherently uncertain. 33% of business users do not trust data for decisions and 27% are unsure if their data is accurate.


The number of different forms of data is growing exponentially. Applications and technologies are creating entirely new varieties of data everyday.

Nexus™ is easily deployed on-premise or in the cloud, fully harnessing modern elastic scaling mechanisms.  Nexus™ is certified with all major cloud providers, flexibly executed on a virtual machine, and can be easily deployed using a number of relational, NoSQL, and graph databases.


Torch.AI’s Nexus™ EDO platform functions as a “smart” enterprise communication system that provides machine learning enhanced data transformations, ingesting data of any type from any source. Our solution was architected with foundational goals of scalability, modularity and auditability.


Our framework enables comprehensive extract-transform-load (ETL) capabilities as well as sophisticated tagging on ingest to rapidly organize and correlate critical information for improved utilization, performance capacity to support “big data”, and better downstream analysis.


Torch.AI pioneered a patent-pending method of enhancing data in real-time through an extensive library of machine learning algorithms. Machine learning enabled workflows range from OCR and other unstructured data identification, NLP, and sentiment analysis.


Nexus not only automates daily processes but also extracts more meaning from each process. Workflows range from notifying an analyst of an anomaly and its potential impact, to recalculating risk or complexity scores.


The Nexus platform will seamlessly integrate into, not disrupt, your existing data infrastructure. We provide the capability to communicate through virtually any protocol, including REST, SOAP, File IQ, EDO, and SQL, and can retrieve content from any source, including relational warehouse, graph, lake or noSQL database.


Torch.AI takes security seriously, from architectural design to code security and data protection, both at rest and in-motion.  Our experience reinforces the value we place on quality assurance, both in penetration testing and mitigating critical vulnerabilities.

Let's Be Friends.

The future has always been created by those that choose to consider new paths.  If you’ve been struggling to achieve outcomes in a critical, high risk environment or are a curious pioneer that wants to change the world, we’d love to connect.

Customers should contact Torch.AI’s Mission Support teams through the Torch.AI Mission Administration portal.

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