Building a Better Future, Together.

In just three short years, Torch.AI has become the world’s most trusted platform for data and AI enablement.

Our Story

From its inception, Torch.AI designed software to solve large-scale decision support needs of enterprise commercial customers in high-risk environments.

The idea for Torch.AI was born out of founder, Brian Weaver's interest in utilizing advanced analytics, and later machine learning, to solve challenges originally encountered in the highly complex and fast moving healthcare industry.

Through ground breaking experiences solving difficult and large scale data problems for some of the world's largest companies, including GE, Medtronic, Abott Labs, Microsoft, Siemens, H&R Block, Deloitte, and others, the Torch.AI team made a revelation.

On our journey, we discovered a major impediment to putting information and insight to use: the synthesis, veracity, and flow of high-volume disparate data. Torch began pioneering the development of a novel concept of applying AI to better understand any data at the object level. Our discovery is now changing the very way data is put to use.

Further, by enhancing real-time system integrations in a dedicated services layer, a Unifying Synaptic Mesh™, we could enable advanced production-grade machine learning utilizing the nature of data itself.

In 2017, we launched our revolutionary AI and data enablement platform, Nexus™ EDO.

Torch.AI has since emerged as the most trusted solution for large-scale data enablement, information orchestration, and ML deployment in high-risk environments.

Today our products and solutions are in use across a vast commercial and government landscape solving some of the hardest problems in the harshest conditions.

Key Metrics

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Meet our Leadership

We prioritize people and an entrepreneurial spirit at Torch.AI. You, and our relationship with you, is of utmost importance.  At the same time, the drive to improve your life and the lives of those around you, this Torch.AI entrepreneurial spirit, is one of our most important priorities.  Our customers appreciate the world class technology, talent, and passion we bring each day.

Brian Weaver, Torch.AI Chairman and CEO, and the rest of our executive team and board of directors are experts committed to building an extraordinary company.  We want to exceed your definition of what it means to be an exceptional partner for your enterprise data needs.

Board & Advisors

Torch.AI's board members have vast domain, technology, product, and business experience, and are helping us create one of our country's great companies. We endeavor to make the world a better place by advancing the use of AI to change how data is put to use.

Our Values


We have the awesome privilege of sharing responsibility for the security of our country and the lives of warfighters protecting that security. From this starting point, we’ve developed a deep sense of duty to our clients, company, and each other. Our client’s mission is our mission.


We approach everything we do with a level of passion and intensity, consistent with the knowledge and understanding that our work is important and meaningful. We think and act like a start-up. Every day is Day 1.

Curious & Innovative

We are always interested in finding new and better ways to do things–and never satisfied with what we have. We wonder constantly about “what could be” and how we might “solve the unsolvable.”

Do What's Right

We approach every decision, action, and interaction with an unwavering commitment to being ethical, considerate, transparent, and focused on achieving the best outcome for our clients and team, rather than ourselves.