Jon Kramer

Chief Technology Officer

Jon serves as Vice President of Engineering at Torch.AI where he oversees all product development and engineering.  For over 20 years, he has dedicated himself to bringing innovative capabilities to some of the largest enterprises in the world.

Jon's first major roles were at Wal-Mart ISD and Sprint where, among other things, he developed decision support systems to help humans navigate complex scenarios for optimized outputs.  He eventually started his own software company and after a over a decade there, exited and took something of a sabbatical before joining Torch.AI.

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The future has always been created by those that choose to consider new paths.  If you’ve been struggling to achieve outcomes in a critical, high risk environment or are a curious pioneer that wants to change the world, we’d love to connect.

Customers should contact Torch.AI’s Mission Support teams through the Torch.AI Mission Administration portal.

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