Jae Cha

Co-Founder & Chief of Innovation

Jae is the Co-Founder and serves as the Chief of Innovation at Torch.AI. With over 27 years experience as a technology innovator and an entrepreneur, he’s worked in diverse industries from manufacturing, research, defense, finance, and marketing. His deep experience with large enterprises and advanced technologies has allowed him to architect truly innovative platform creations and intimately work with Fortune 500 companies to provide effective solutions. These diverse companies include Dell Computers, BMW, American Express, Welch Allyn, Boehringer Ingelheim, Sprint, Microsoft, The NBA, and GE Capital to name a few.

Prior to the creation of Torch.AI, he founded 2 technology startups before selling them. In 2005 he was part of the 11-member team and created the core technology platform “SEER” and was critical in the sale of VML, Inc. to the British conglomerate WPP plc. In 2000 Jae wrote, and submitted the original MPXML standard to the USDA while working with an Agricultural startup. With the support of the USDA CIO Douglas Bailey, the proposal became part of the current GS1 traceability standard critical to the national supply chain. Jae was trained and is certified in Six Sigma as a black belt with DFSS method at General Electric, where he led a team of technology architects to create the first digital ontology standardization used to communicate between multiple companies under the GE umbrella. Prior to GE he was a research software engineer at CompuSpeak Research labs and worked with the DARPA TIMIT corpus to create a discreet-voice recognition platform for healthcare and other industries. The company was later acquired by Marquette Medical and later GE Medical.

As the cofounder, he is intimately involved in the direction and vision of Torch.AI. With the passionate belief that at Torch.AI “We build the tools that give the people that are defining our future, the necessary tools to succeed.” He tirelessly applies innovative techniques and methodologies with the mission success as the primary focus for the company.

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