Habib Mir

Director of Engineering

As the Director of Engineering, Habib Mir is responsible for building an effective and efficient engineering team at Torch.AI.  He is dedicated to ensuring that we are focused on priorities and deliverables, that we grow and nurture the engineering team, and that we build the processes to scale as Torch continues to grow.

Habib is an accomplished IT professional with over 20 years of experience in leadership roles across both industry and U.S. Government.  At the start of growth in the IT industry, he ventured into the technology world as a PowerBuilder and Sybase developer, moving on to become an IBM E-Commerce & Java platform Architect, to Data Center Managed Services Technologist, and finally rounding out to managing various styles of COTS and custom-developed software products for enterprise and government customers.

During his time with H&R Block, Habib architected and deployed a Risk Management Dashboard across 12k+ stores using structured and unstructured data in near real-time for the H&R Block CEO and CRO.  He led the effort around Clarify CRM suite thick and thin clients and built a process specifically to aggregate a dashboard with integration into TIBCO bus and Microsoft Webservices. 

Habib managed the financial line of the Business IT Applications Portfolio within the U.S Government’s General Services Administration (GSA), processing multi-billions in financial transactions. From start-ups to large organizations, including the government, Habib has a track record of helping technology organizations create game-changing products, enterprise solutions, and platforms to achieve entrepreneurial excellence.  He is acknowledged for combining business acumen and technology expertise to develop and execute strategic IT plans aligning to revenue generation and cost optimization goals. 

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