Mission Support

Deep engagement from our services team to optimize outcomes with Torch.AI products and solutions.

Work directly with us to transform
the potential of data.

Work with an Experienced Team

We’ve been on this journey for awhile. Immediately leveraged decades of our experience working in the largest and most complex IT environments, harsh conditions, and massive data challenges. If you can imagine it, our team of seasoned domain experts have seen it and can help you solve it.

Eliminate Risk from your Current Projects

We are forging a new path. We take our best and brightest architects, engineers, and developers and put them where the action is, as close as humanly possible to the problem. This means reduced risk of abstraction and scope creep. Let Torch.AI’s agile, adaptable approach help eliminate risk from your mission objective.

Faster Delivery for Your Customers

It’s in our DNA.  When we built this company, we did so with one key overriding philosophy: “How can we make an impact today?” Right now, not tomorrow or next year. The benefit of AI is flexibility, adaptability, and low cost.  We are made to move. Let’s start building a better future today.


Work with our Mission teams to optimize outcomes and change the future with Torch.AI.

Let's Unify with AI to create a better tomorrow.

Torch.AI Solution Architects

When you’re ready to change the future and start making sense of your data, but aren’t sure where to start, a Torch Solutions Architect can create a roadmap that gets you to the finish.

Torch.AI harnesses the power, cost effectiveness, and scalability of AI to enrich your data and enable the deployment of robust automations and modeling while incorporating ML to continuously improve business processes.

Seasoned Engineers to help secure best value from your new Torch.AI Unifying Synaptic Mesh™

Our software engineers and architects have the expertise and scale to help our customers design and implement the best AI enabled solutions in the shortest amount of time.  We combine deep technical expertise and broad industry knowledge to develop solutions, built upon our Unifying Synaptic Mesh™ to meet our customers’ unique demands.

We implement the latest tools and techniques for software development and utilize the POC (Proof of Concept) and MVP (Minimum Viable Products) approach to accelerate the start up time. And we iterate from there to get the best possible outcomes at the speed of relevance.

Security & compliance support that actually follows through.

Torch’s technology solution is purposefully built for compliance, auditability and transparency. We provide capabilities, such as PII obfuscation that can be customized to any compliance standards and data flow can be controlled at the data element level.

Our customers appreciate how our security and compliance experts stay with you throughout every engagement to ensure we meet and exceed the most stringent IT requirements.


Typical Fortune 500 Deployment

<15 Days

Average Overall Satisfaction


Average Time to Initial Value

3 Hours

Resident Solutions Architect

When you know the answers that will solve your mission’s challenges are hidden in data, yet the excavation feels insurmountable, the Torch Solution Architect is your guiding light. Many clients enjoy dedicated Torch.AI resources embedded with their teams, helps to accelerate delivery and improve outcomes. And we love doing it!

  • Transform complex data challenges into achievable, standalone initiatives that provide production-grade results
  • Consider compliance, auditability, and security from Day-1
  • Systems integration thinking to leverage every dataset available
  • Innovative application of NLP and 3rd party data sources to enrich, structure, and correlate data
  • Ensure data lineage and governance throughout continuous development cycles
  • Develop critical success factors and measure progress to ROI

Unify & enlighten with Torch.Ai

Let’s take a test drive of the world’s most trusted AI platform together.

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