October 22, 2019

Torch.AI Launches CARBON. Enhanced Data-in-Motion Capability for the NEXUS EDO platform.

Torch.AI Launches CARBON. Enhanced Data-in-Motion Capability for the NEXUS EDO platform.

Leawood, Kansas— October 22, 2019 —Torch.AI announced today that it has launched a new machine learning library, Carbon™ to further enhance data handling capabilities for clients with complex data and data handling workflows.  Carbon™ is included in Torch.AI's flagship machine learning framework, the NEXUS EDO™ (Enterprise Data Orchestration) platform. The new Carbon™ library will begin being rolled out to clients at no additional cost during the first quarter of 2020."Data in motion is data generated continuously by an ever increasing number of data sources.  We saw an opportunity to help customers evolve from processing this deluge of data in a sequential record-by-record basis.  With Carbon™, we have a specialized library of business rules common to our enterprise and public sector clients that can be applied inline to enrich the data while it is in-motion, saving money, time and improving the ability to scale trust across systems, data, and people" said Jae Cha, Founder and Chief Technologist."One example that is pretty fun is with a client that needed to detect, flag, and obfuscate personally identifiable information (PII) with low latency.

Because Carbon™ already has business rules defining PII, we can rapidly deploy agents to solve the problem with just a few clicks. For them, Carbon™ enables real-time PII detection and routing in the most complex data environments. It will easily save hundreds of thousands of dollars in the first year alone, exclusive of the risk mitigation" added Jon Kramer, Partner and Director of Engineering.With the recent passing of California’s Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as well as impending US Federal law, identifying, protecting, and responsibly actioning on PII has never been more important. But beyond PII, the Carbon™ advantage is the ability to identify sensitive data in motion, as it is entering or leaving customer environments, enabling on the fly processing and protection based on popular business rules including legal, compliance, security, and privileged access needs.Torch.AI's NEXUS EDO™ is a next-generation Enterprise Data Orchestration solution optimized for extremely complex data environments for customers making critical decisions. The software enables advanced integrations, enrichment of data-in-motion, and analytics.  Nexus is designed to ingest both structured and unstructured data while providing a streaming "smart data pipe" optimized for advanced applications of machine learning. The system is uniquely scalable and extensible, able to support most BPM, CRM, ERP, and analytics applications.

About Torch.AI

Torch.AI is on a mission to enable machine augmented trust at scale. The platform offers rapidly deployable augmented intelligence technologies that use unique data ingestion technologies and advanced techniques to provide an automation and judgement solution within a convenient framework.Through the lens of network-centric intelligence, variable detection and change are illuminated and displayed in real-time, facilitating opportunities for improved decisioning with outputs needed to measure and optimize performance. With built-in connections for entity search, classification and investigation modules, Torch.AI can quickly and dynamically surface out-of-range variables without manual intervention. Learn more at https://torch.ai.

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