January 16, 2020

TORCH.AI Appointed to Object Management Group's AI Task Force

TORCH.AI Appointed to Object Management Group's AI Task Force

Leawood, Kansas— January 16, 2020 — Torch.AI accepted an invitation from Object Management Group® (OMG®) to participate in their newly created Artificial Intelligence Platform Task Force (AIPTF). AIPTF promotes “the adoption of specifications that standardize foundational capabilities of artificial intelligence,” and it is comprised of leading artificial intelligence professionals from enterprise, academic, nonprofit, and government organizations. The task force recently met in Long Beach, CA, to clarify objectives and establish action items.

“Torch.AI brought some new ideas and value to the inaugural meeting of the Object Management Group’s Artificial Intelligence Platform Task Force, supporting some of our key directions such as the auditability of machine learning algorithms, protection of personal data, and elimination of bias,” said Claude Baudoin, co-chair of the OMG AIPTF. “We’re looking forward to their future active participation.”

Torch.AI is represented on AIPTF by Artem Beer, Senior Technology Manager, and Clayton Pummill, Principal/Data Privacy & Standards. At the meeting, Mr. Beer presented valuable insights into the current state of trust for ML and AI among Government and Commercial clients. “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in establishing AI standards. These standards will help the collective to take the next big step in the maturity of the industry,” stated Mr. Beer. “Torch.AI is committed to streamlining the implementation of enterprise-grade ML, and this is an excellent step in that direction.”The goals of AIPTF include promoting interoperability and interchange between models, languages, and data, as well as addressing accountability, privacy, and security challenges.

Mr. Pummill provided a unique perspective on trackability and privacy issues, adding, “We are wrestling with some major blind spots in the industry, including developing specifications for how we track and explain ML decisioning, as well as tackling important privacy issues. Standardization in these areas will provide the confidence to innovate and develop the required trust between stakeholders. This is a rewarding initiative, and it’s a pleasure to work with such a talented group of industry leaders.”Mr. Beer and Mr. Pummill will be presenting and available for discussion at the AIPTF gathering on March 23rd-27th, in Reston, VA.

About Torch.AI

Torch.AI is on a mission to enable machine augmented trust at scale. The platform offers rapidly deployable augmented intelligence technologies that use unique data ingestion technologies and advanced techniques to provide an automation and judgment solution within a convenient framework.Through the lens of network-centric intelligence, variable detection and change are illuminated and displayed in real-time, facilitating opportunities for improved decisioning with outputs needed to measure and optimize performance. With built-in connections for entity search, classification, and investigation modules, Torch.AI can quickly and dynamically surface out-of-range variables without manual intervention. Learn more at https://torch.ai.

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